Number of ways coloring a regular polyhedron - Subtask1 - CHEFPOL JULY16

In this problem:
the first subtask asks us to calculate number of ways of colouring a regular polyhedron with atmost C colours. Now there are just 5 convex regular polyhedron, which are tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, and the number of ways of colouring them with atmost N colours is given on this page: POLYHEDRON COLORING-WOLFRAM. However, in the example given in the question:


The input is a regular tetrahedron, and colours = 4, so the answer should be 36, but here it shows 35.
I tried submitting the code, but got an AC in only one file in subtask 1, and WA in the others. Where did I go wrong, is the given input not a regular tetrahedron, or is it something else?
Code: Submission 10811629 CHEFPOL

That is because the sequence specified there links to
Notice “the number of inequivalent ways to color the faces of a tetrahedron when mirror images are counted as two.”

Check out CROSSREFS section for another link to which gives the correct answer