Number Of Views Of a question

Does karma also depends on the number of views of the question?

Can anyone explain this?

no it does not depends . if people keep commenting it comes at the top , else it goes down n down and mostly out of view.
Karma has nothing to do with the number of views though. :slight_smile:

Then how i get karma .

By upvoting or accepting answer

Any Other Trick?

Can You tell @vijju123

keep helping others , if someone finds your answer helpful on their links or any such place, they will upovte your answer and you get 10 karma points , if someone accepts your answer you get 15 karma, if someone devotes your answer you get -2 karma , so keep commenting on questions posted on the foum if you can answer them or help them.

You can google instead of asking here on discuss and increase the number of redundant questions :frowning: Makes it hard to manage questions. Here goes the answer to your question:

“Karma works in mysterious ways.”

Not so mysterious if you read this though- :stuck_out_tongue: XDXD