number of participants in contest

I want to know the number of participants in any contest ,just for better ranking comparision .
where can i find it.

Hello, I think you cannot find it directly, you need to filter the results.But smartly you can do something like this(this gives number of users who got accepted for atleast one problem) :
For example, you want to see number of participants in COOK52 . So firstly go to it’s rankings page : and there you can find user ranks.Now go bottom of the page, there you find pages.Go to last page.In case of COOK52 it’s “page 31”. In that page you can find last user rank which indicates number of users who got atleast one problem accepted.

@achaitanyasai…there may be some users who may have participated but were unable to get an AC…those names don’t show up…the above method will only give the number of users with atleast 1 AC!!!

@kunal361 that’s what I mentioned while giving the answer !!