number of integer points between two integer points??

given two points which may or may not be collinear, how to calculate the total number of integer point which lies on the line b/w these two points…

@anup1pma : Please correct your question before I answer that because two points are always collinear .

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May be he mean to say that the line formed by those 2 points may or may not be parallel to coordinate axes.

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Actually my question was to find out total no. of lattice points b/w two lattice points… ya two points are always collinear sorry…
I found the ans…it is gcd of (|x2-x1|,|y2-y1|)+1…
where two points are (x1,y1),(x2,y2)…
thank u

Hello, @anup1pma,

The problem, Nice Quadrangles uses this exact same idea :smiley:


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