Now GLA University copied the same questions from hackerrank

This is the contset

This type of things are increasing day by day.

They should have learned from the mistake of IIT Bombay.

These are the questions ,they are present in hackerrank.

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sadly they couldn’t prepare the testcases properly

Can you please mail this kind of stuff to mods or admin instead of creating a thread at discuss? We are trying hard to keep discuss free of drama and mud throwing, but such things fail our attempts.

I will forward this to admin to see, but please tend to mail such stuff. Please understand the viewpoint that we want discuss to be user friendly with a warm, welcoming air, not some site of non stop drama and accusation/mud throwing.


@vijju123 ,I posted this so that these kind of things doesn’t happen again.

Please mail such things to me. As I posted earlier, defamation threads in forum arent entertained. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

@ vijju123 ok,from now I will mail such things to you.