Notification regarding Snackdown1A?

Have the teams who have qualified 1A been sent a notification?

I didn’t get any notification or mail from the Codechef regarding the Snackdown Round 1A. My rank in the contest was 388.


hi @dhruvmullick if you’re qualified, you’ll get the mail or list of qualified teams will be displayed soon.

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All the teams who have qualified for the elimination round will be contacted via email soon. We are at present rectifying the plagiarism cases from the contest.


Have the mails been sent ?
I received a pm saying get ready for Snackdown round 1B. Our Team rank was b/w 300-350. So are we supposed to participate in 1B if we got a pm invitation for the same or have we qualified ?

UPD : When I tried to register for 1B, It redirects me to the elimination round for which 500 teams have qualified so far. So, this again begs the question whether we have qualified or not because there isn’t any mail :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey the emails have been sent. The team owners would have received it. You can contact your team owner. :slight_smile:

Are you sure all the teams have been notified ? Because our team doesn’t seem to have received any mail apart from the invitation which was sent a few mins back. Could you perhaps tell when was the qualification mail sent (date) because I cant think of any reason for dq under plagiarism ? In any case, I think we will just participate tomorrow.

@thezodiac1994, are you able to participate? I registered for 1B, but am not able to submit solutions as I get the message that "you are not registered… ". Moreover, in my team’s page, I find the contest SNK15EL, instead of SNK151B.
From this, I am assuming that I’ve qualified to the next round. But if it is so, then Codechef really needs to work on its system. :confused:

@dhruvmullick - yes, that is the exactly the message I am receiving and it redirects me to SN15EL when I try to submit via team id. I think I will sleep now :expressionless: