Note of Thanks

@concerned authorities

Thank you for the wonderful experience. Writing these editorials was really a unique experience for me. It always feels good when you get chance to show something you like- which in my case, is writing. Stories, editorials or anything, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and your hospitality.

I hope those 2 editorials are also done soon, I am trying my best for those. Semester exams are killing me right now, sadly. But I wish to complete them as well, and hence the set.

I REALLY hope the community likes it…I cant help but giggle when I imagine people reading those. Thats natural- we all expect things when we do our best. I just hope things go smooth this way. Special thanks to Praveen, because comically- he knows things. When I sent my first editorial, he was the witness to ALL the things, ill-formatting, mistakes (and they werent good, I assure you). But ultimately he was the first inspiration for me to improve- I wanted to improve so much that he doesnt get a chance to point anything else. (Hope I succeeded there.). To be honest, he was actually more friendly than I could have imagined (lol I was scared af initially to even message him XD).

Well, hope this isnt the end of things yet (technically it isnt, 2 more editorials remain :p). I dont know when I will get to have some more fun again. :frowning:

Thanks and Regards

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PS: After the editorials are shifted, no one will ever visit the page. This means I am the king here now? <3