Not receiving email notification of submission .

@admin : I am not receiving email notification of the results of my submissions . I searched the profile page and could not find any option to enable it . This feature was always working in my account. I always used to receive notifications for my submissions . But today its not working since morning .
@admin : When a time limit exceeded problem occurs , the My Submissions page only shows the image of watch and there is no entry in the time taken section . However when email used to come in such cases , it used to mention the amount of time taken before deciding that time limit is exceeded . I wanted to see that information also .

@admin Me too not receiving any notification of my submissions …


Yup… Not receiving the submissions via email.

@vineetpaliwal I think the option to enable this is there in the edit profile section. But I don’t know why it still doesn’t work.

Go to your profile and click edit profile.
At the bottom of the page, there is a check box with the label “Would you like us to mail you your submission results.
See whether it is checked or unchecked.

Mine is checked, but still I do not receive the mails.

We are looking into the issue and will report back as soon as we find something. Please send an email to or for such issues rather than posting on Dicuss. Its easier to connect with the admins through emails.

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We have made a fix for this issue. Users who were not receiving submission mails should start receiving mails again. If you still don’t receive emails, drop in a mail to bugs(at)codechef(dot)com.

@admin : Yes I am receiving the emails now . Thanks for the fix .

Now i am receiving emails event when I have disabled them

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Same here, I receive the mails with submission results even with the option disabled.