Not getting rank nor rating

I recently participated in first challenge i.e. october long 2014.but,i havent got any rank(where it shows NA) nor rating(shows ‘0’).How can i fix this…???link text


Its happening with everyone.

Have some patience and faith. Detecting malpractices in a long challenge with over 21000 submissions takes enormous time and effort. The previous Lunchtime challenge ratings took about 2 weeks to update. Meanwhile participate in other contests and try out practice problems. And, Welcome to the CodeChef community! :slight_smile:

UPD After about 2 weeks of posting this answer, I myself have only a little patience left. It has really been a long long time since the contest. The admin should have at least provided a tentative date for result publication. Really frustrated.

UPD2 Finally! After waiting for 22 days, CodeChef updates Long Rankings. Also, the Short and Lunchtime Rankings are updated. Check out yours.


(As I already said last month…) That logic doesn’t work. If the checking is automatic, then it should be very quick; if it isn’t, then it should take years. The time it takes right now can only be explained with laziness.


If you checked the rank page, you will see a message “Calculated till SEPT14”, so have some patience.

I agree with @xellos0

@xellos0 : Out of curiosity, what exactly is the plagiarism detection method employed by CodeChef? Would be happy to know.

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So would I. There have been rumours about a new way of plagiarism detection being developed, but considering it’s remained a rumour, I don’t think it’d be complete anytime soon.


As far as i remember ratings of September challenge was updated in a week…

Challenge ended on 15 Sept, Monday and results were declared on evening or might be at night of 22 Sept, Monday.


Yep, it might have been that way. Or I probably confused it with Lunchtime. My bad, if it weren’t for the edit option, I might have got WA :wink: Thanks.

We are really patient, but if all the other competitive programming sites (eg. codeforces, topcoder) can calculate the ratings in a matter of minutes, a 20 day delay shouldn’t be normal.

Hey,i’m also not able to getting my ranking and rating,though i participated in october Lunchtime.Its showing NA.

  1. Lazyness
  2. ACM Related things
  3. Festive season(long gone)
  4. Utter disregard for users’ rating demands
  5. Plagiarism detection cover up story
  6. 100 more senseless reasons

Updated :smiley:

Finally !!!

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