Not getting implementation of algorithms ?

As i am not beginner in programming but until, i can only solve logic based Q in Long and and short challenges. ANS I also know that i have to command in the Algorithms but i have also started algo like DFS as first also but after two days i am stuck on the same also ! :frowning: . Whether should i leave this algo and move further for another or this amount of time is worthy and keep on working on it ?
Anyone welcome to have any resource link !
Please suggest :slight_smile:

Graph theory is an important topic in the world of competetive programming.Everyone should learn graphs.

You can learn graph theory here,this is one of the best tutorials


Whats up with you 2 over here? :confused:

first he upvoted and accepted my answer and further commented(later deleted) this “please upvote my question”.But i didn’t upvote his question and then he down-voted my answer.I am just curious to know what he wants to do,so i upvoted his question,then he again upvoted and accepted my answer.Now i am going to downvote his question.

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Ya, i noticed some…unusual activities going on with this account. I will advise you to stay as far as possible from accounts which seem to be at “karma farming”.

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he’s been like that with me too and i reported him

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sure bro thanks for your advice

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Here we go!

  1. Frequently used, but not commonly known algorithms and DS
  2. Great channel to understand tricky algorithms and DS, he explains them slowly and with examples.
  3. He turns editorials into tutorials after Codechef contests has ended
  6. MIT course for algorithms, if you have patience (which you should btw!) to study in a classroom-like environment.

These are the only ones i can think right now, might add more if needed :slight_smile:

If any doubts feel free to comment.

Happy coding!

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thnaks @divyansh_gaba7

Well, i saw this coming here. @admin, look into this issue here asap!