Not able to view June Challenge page

Why am I not able to view the June Challenge page in my laptop?

![June Challenge page][1]

Rest of the pages are accessible comfortably, even the discuss page.

![The Contests page][2]

![Discuss page][3]

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have tried refreshing the page a number of times and through different browsers too but to no avail.

i think it is due to slow internet,Refresh the page and wait for sometime.

It is opening perfectly for me. You can try the cached link:

@hruday968, i have a good enough internet connection and the page refreshes and stops loading within one or two seconds.

The page is fully functional, this is probably due to slow internet.
Refresh the page after a while.

See if you are able to scroll up when page loads or not. Sometimes, it loads with screen at bottom most corner of page, and if you scroll up, you can see the problems?