not able to submit code for test

using namespace std;

int main() {

	int n=0;
	    if (!(n==42))

	return 0;

You can check at your submissions here, they are not getting passed completely. As suggested by others you can try again by changing your browser. And I would like to know which browser you are using that which caused such submission issues.

Seems like something is wrong with your browser, Your entire code in the clipboard is not getting transferred to the submission box. Maybe you can try another browser. By the way which browser are you using ? I tried in firefox and it worked for me!

@vinayawsm >> He is finding difficulties in submitting the code and this is his first submission. So please take care of that.

As @v_akshay suggested, this is a problem with your browser. Try a different browser. Or you can try Choose file and select the file and upload it and submit, rather than pasting the code in the online editor just to check if it works.

A good move will be to post some screenshots, and describe more OR change the browser.

I wasn’t knowing that those were his first submissions and any such things could happen during submissions. I changed my words.