Not able to solve questions on codechef

I have completed mx to max DS ,algos in NPTEL videos .
i can solve easy questions in abt 4-5 hrs ,but med and hard ques take around 30 -36 hrs or i m not able 2 do them at all , when i look at editorial it is so poorly explained , i m not able 2 understand that 2 , i try reading the ans ,but many many many times i m not able 2 understand that 2 .
What do i do 2 increase my speed + capability 2 understand editorials n capability 2 solve med n hard questions?


Hi vaibhav,

do not bother about it because it is beginning of competitive programming i faced this problem too. but if you do not practice then it is not possible to improve solving time. in all those lectures and video they only teach you about a core and basic approach not about dealing with real life related problem as you can find in codechef etc. so firstly dont go directly for advanced DS and algo what ever you learn first of all solve easy practice section and beginner section problem or you may go to peer section for more practice of logical question. because all advanced DS and algo requires lots of practice in logical problem you cant go directly for that although i could not solve med and hard problem but now after lots of practice many of the easy problem does not require more than 1 hour with implementation i looked your profile so if you are only in codechef then you did not do any practice so start solving easy problem and improve logical thinking then go for advanced part :slight_smile:


@admin123 is absolutely right.I had the same problem,I did a lot of practice on hackerrank and codechef,and I can see improvement in me on codechef long challenge.

And by the way you can solve approx. 4-5 long challenge problems with basic data structures(BSTs and array size knowledge) and quite basic sorting algorithms.All you need is practice.

There is no point in hurrying things.Take your time and practice easy problems.Understand time complexity and memory usage practically on your practice problem submission(Trust me it teaches you a lot).