Non-Rigorous Testing to DPC204

The DCP204 problem, a problem that asks users to find the number of Fibbonacci numbers between a and b such that (0<=)a<=b<=10^100, is solved by this Text solution:


Obviously, the only input this problem was checked against was the sample input, so only the sample output was needed to pass the solution. Shouldn’t there be more rigorous testing for this problem, especially for a problem that seems very hard because of inputs up to 100 digits?


That question belong to a peer contest, have a look at other problems.

I think there is a similar problem in all the problems.I found this accepted solution of some other problem in the contest.

The problem statement and the test data are set by the contest organizers, and its up to the organizers to add any amount of test data. Although there are guidelines set up by codechef for these contests, but codechef doesn`t hold any responsibility of such contests (I have read it somewhere but for now I am not able to find the link).

So try to do the problems from easy, medium, hard, challenge and school sections. The problem in peer section sometimes don`t even have editorials.


Thank you for the clarification! I never knew what the Peer section was for because the description didn’t make sense until you explained it to me.

Welcome :slight_smile: