Non acceptance of solution

For the Dhapu and the Big Sums
Problem code: ARHN04
my solution runs on your IDE and gives correct anwer on the various input but isn’t accepting solution on submission page.??? I think so there is some error in your system. :frowning:

@jain_mj i guess you might be using an integer array for the calculations if so then you will get wrong answer because operands size is 10^200 and c/c++ cannot handle such big numbers.

since it is an ongoing contest i cannot give you hints but i can suggest you to search on google how to handle such big numbers in c/c++. :slight_smile:

but sir I have checked it on the IDE of code chef and it is giving me correct solutions. I have checked even for the no with more than 50 digits and is giving correct result but it didn’t accepted my solution on the problem page :frowning:

check your solution on the corner cases…

Sir, sorry but I couldn’t get it ,what does the corner cases mean???

Corner cases refer to the boundary values of input. Ex, if your program needs input of variable x and x lies in the range 0 to 100, then check for x=0,1,99,100. You may also like checking fr x=50(the middle value). For multiple inputs test for all possible combinations.