no ranking update for short-contest

@admin , I gave my first cookoff COOK51 , but there is no short contest rank update on my profile, short contest ratings are still undefined ?

Ratings are not updated for long contest as well -_-

even the rankings of OCT14 hasn’t been updated yet(which ended a week past the COOK51), because of the busy schedule of codechef(and of course Diwali) , then how can you think of COOK51 rankings being updated…

P.S- It will be done (hopefully soon),have patience . . .

"The October Long Challenge rating calculation has been delayed from our end. We have been very busy over the last few weeks, and due to the festival season some of us have taken a long impending and much deserved vacation. We have not been able to look into the plagiarism cases as yet, as it takes huge amount of time for us to do so. We will try and wrap it up by the end of next week. We truly regret the delay."

This is what they said! Kindly wait for 5 more days! I am waiting for the Long Challenge Ratings. :frowning: Next Contest is going to start! So since they have not updated the long challenge, we can expect the short challenge ratings to get updated only after updating the long challenge.

Keep Calm and Practice

I think it should’ve been called “It’s Already Almost November Long Challenge” :smiley:


yes bro! that is why i have given in the post! :smiley: I remember the same thing happened in the last november! But not this long! :\

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it certainly is october long long challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


haha! Seriously man!! :smiley: I think they should some how follow codeforces or topcoder’s rating system

There is a difference between long contests in Codechef and SRM/Codeforces contests (they are obviously shorter and less submissions and also little time-window to do cheating). Long contests have countless submissions(more window for cheating) and hence the rating system cannot be compared with Codeforces/Topcoder. :slight_smile: Of course, added drawbacks are plagiarism detection for so many submissions in long contests, challenge problem judgment etc.

i am talking about the short contests!