No growth for newbies unfair karmas

After answering many questions at our level best it always happens to me ,and many newcomers like me that their answer remain unvoted always,while the whole or most query of the person is solved most possibly because we/I are/am a newcomer to community and has 0% accept rate which just make them pass away after their query solved and in these days it just become a fashion ,while absurd answers on same question by users having high acceptance rate gets upvotes. Many times both the person who asked the question and us who answered both don’t have suffice karma points to vote and opposite to it the fake or frnd accounts of higher acceptance around 18 to 30 % and having good karma points who just upvotes him in order to maintain his acceptance rate and karmas which finally leads us to conclude that No support is given to us newcomers which just leads to despair or frustration and results in just self deletion of the answer so that at least it will not serve purpose of upper ones. If any responsible person here just look into the matter so that at least all can have equal opportunities and a growing ground.

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Don’t lose hope brother I am upvoting you,I have seen that you have answered many questions.But keep

contributing.It Will Help You.


You should not generalise . Even I started a month ago with nearly 0 karma and build up my karma gradually . Before posting such things you should introspect where you are going wrong rather than complaining here . Keep up the good work and the appreciation will follow .

@trashmaster Bro i’m not generalising as I have used words like most ,many, me and like that

Then don’t worry , keep on contributing . Your hardwork will soon pay off :slight_smile:

@trashmaster and since going through your answer section it is apparently clear that you also have faced malpractitioner somewhere, as you have also complained about it so you can’t deny it whole.
Anyways best regards.

When you are using words like most, many, you ARE generalising.

Well, I went through both of your answers. I am sorry but neither of them are upto the mark. The answer of the suggestion thread is more or less repetition of whats already said, and the second answer on that prime number question is incorrect, we’re all just too humble to point it out.

Your argument is invalid, @spp___ has joined this month, is a new comer and has already got good contribution here. People upvote if you write QUALITY content, not for sake of upvoting. Please atleast go through some answers of users like @meooow and see how nicely they write to earn the upvotes.

Look dear, everyone has a starting phase where things are difficult. It will take you time to settle in and write quality answers. You can either complain, or improve. The choice is yours. :slight_smile:


Well I appreciate your words but please can you explain @vijju123 why mine answer on prime no is incorrect forthat case just elaborate at m=2.

just like you are generalising whenever you see rise in upvotes Hello community i found malpractitioner here

Your interpretation of for(int k=2; k<=sqrt(j); k++) was wrong.

It meant that k starts from 2, and loop continues as long as k<=sqrt(n). In case n=1,2,3 and sqrt(n)=1, loop wont execute at all. You said it will give an infinite execution, which was wrong.

Didnt want to give any discouragement to a new user, thats why I didnt pin point it there. :slight_smile:

np at all it just improves me

@vijju123 thanks for pointing my mistake take mine 4 points as an apology

@spp___ keep up bro encouraging people like me it helped me a lot

Always Brother just code and contribute,You Will learn a Lot.