No editorials of this month's long!

When will the editorials for December Long Challenge be served?


@ankesh18 The delay in editorials is because, the whole codechef team is busy in organizing ACM ICPC onsite regionals for India, and that’s an important task. Once it’s done they will put the editorials.

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@ankesh18 the codechef team is busy with ICPC regionals for India. But I think that Codechef should prepare editorials beforehand as the motivation gets killed as the time goes for seeing the editorials.

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ya! got it! hopefully it will come out by the end of this month!

Successful submission of “Roses for Alexey” 5th problem was changed,at closing time it is 180+,but now it reduced 180- why?


Because the solutions are judged over a large test files after end of the contest.

@jawa2code This may be because some users who solved that question were might get caught in plagiarism. @arpit728 only tie breaker question is judged after contest over large test file, all other questions were judged instantly over all the test files.

Hello Why DEC long challenge Editorial still not published?

yes, the editorials should have been posted by now atleast.
Another LONG is going to start in a few days!

ya, I really hope they do it soon!

Hello ,They gave wrong judgment on the 5th problem so they can not publish 5th problem editorial;

So ? If they did that what is wrong with publishing editorial ?

Where are the editorials? They should be made beforehand and posted as soon as contest ends or the next day. What happened this time?


where have they given wrong judgement?

how they publish against their judgement

ankesh18: this contest over ,the judgement given by CC for problem 5 may be wrong Why this is wrong?

still waiting!

when will they post the editorials?

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So what’s your point @jawa2code ? You’re saying that is the reason they haven’t posted the editorials yet?

Still busy with the ICPC Regionals 2016? Or SnackDown? Maybe upcoming ICPC 2017 Online Qualifiers xD