No editorials for problem GERALD2 and MONOPLOY?

Editorials for problems GERALD2 and MONOPLOY are not published. When will they be published??
Waiting eagerly for editorials of these two problems… :slight_smile:


@admin said that they will be published in some time. I guess they are just making some changes based on different approaches used by people during the contest to try to make the editorials as good as possible.

in the meantime, you can look up heavy-light decomposition (hld) for tree graphs, binary indexed trees (bit), and range minimum/maximum queries (rmq).
i have used hld+bit for monoploy, hld+rmq for gerald2.
i’m sure they will publish the editorials soon.


How about posting their original editorial and letting users have a 100 post long argument underneath :slight_smile:


@bela_mervado Could you please refer me to some good resources on hld and neat implementation of the same. I read a few , however I’m still not able to grasp the concept.

@bela_mervado yes any good resources for HLD will be greatly appreciated.

guys, check out these for info on hld:


@bela_mervado Thanks a lot !

An answer from the admins: here.