No Editorials for GERALD08 and LMATRIX3

When will the Editorials for the last two problems of APRIL14 long challenge GERALD08 and LMATRIX3 will be posted ??

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Writing editorials is not an easy job. Also, I am having exams and heavy schedule these days. So, it took a while to write the editorials. GERALD08 I have just added, and LMATRIX3 will be coming soon.
Sorry for inconvenience, but I too am in a difficult situation.


Editorial for GERALD08 has been published! :slight_smile:


Sorry…I don’t wanted to bother you . I was eagerly waiting for Gerald08 and that has been posted…Thanku…

Is the editorial for LMATRIX3 still going to be published? I am curious what the intended solution was. My solution and @kutengine’s involved the use of linear programming (the Simplex algorithm), but the other two accepted solutions seemed to be quite different. I am particularly interested in other ways of solving LMATRIX3 (except linear programming) and the editorial is the best place to discuss such approaches.


Seeing the way the editorialist worked around GERALD08, I doubt you’d get much from LMATRIX3’s editorial (other than “see the accepted solutions”)…

It would most definitely be better if you just wrote a post about your solution. That can serve as an equivalently good basis for discussion.


Hi, Really sorry on my part. I can still make the amends, I suppose :).
Also, I messed up in the gerald08 editorial. will be fixing that up soon.