No Editorials for Ext Contests!

I am going through a lot of Ext Contests from the past months. What I observed is that till now only one Contest Organizer have provided its official Editorials.

Please make sure that wether the organizers will provide their Editorials or not before allowing them to host their contests or ask them to host it privately(registration based). Its no use hosting them publicly if they cant even provide its Editorials for upsolving. @vijju123, @admin

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For external rated contests, in particularly those co-ordinated by me, we make it clear that editorials are an important requirement for contest being rated. I hope there are no complaints of no-editorials for external rated contest - in case there are, let me know.

Quality control for external unrated contest is highly difficult. Most of the times, they actually lack the experience of setting a contest or are completely oblivious of norms of contest-hosting. I have seen problem proposals where setter’s solution was to create a 2-D matrix of size 10^9 * 10^9. Codechef aims at giving them a helpful and nurturing environment so that they can spread awareness of competitive coding in their college, which is why a lot of restrictions (which would otherwise apply for rated contests) are waived off.

I think above point answers your concern for-

Please make sure that wether the organizers will provide their Editorials or not before allowing them to host their contests or ask them to host it privately(registration based).

I do not have many ideas on what we can do. I will appreciate suggestions :).

Well, I agree with your point but some external contest has very good problems like today’s NCC2019, I learned about totients theorem only today after looking at its third problem. So it will be a great help if they can provide its Editorials.

Here is one suggestion: You can give them some laddus(single digits) if their editorials post will get more then some threshold upvotes. But, I am not sure whether its practical for you guys or not so I 'll leave it to you. :))

Contest organiser already gets 50 laddus for every problem if they post editorial.


I hosted a contest on CodeChef named Code Benders 2019 on 2nd February. It took me some time to complete all the editorials (there were 5 problems, I had completed some editorials initially, but CodeChef team said that once all are complete, let us know). I completed all the editorials by 6th February and emailed all the links to Neha Kakkoth (, my person of contact for this contest. I asked her to add tags and editorial links to the problems. [This is the link for my editorials]

Today, it’s 23rd of February (about 18 days now, since I emailed her the links) and still no response. I even sent her emails asking for updates (every week) but still no response. Also, I don’t have any updates about Laddus. I mean, even if it takes time, at least respond to our emails. It just feels like complete ignorance. Even if the team was busy with Snack Down, still it hardly takes a minute to update someone that things might take time. I’m not upset that it’s delayed, I’m upset of the ignorance that I faced. It always felt like I’m spamming the team, with my “USELESS” emails all the time. It shouldn’t have.

This is the reason why External Contests are always seen this way. And it will continue the same way if things continue to be like this.

Please do something @vijju123 (CodeChef Pseudo Admin), @admin.


7th CodeChef Tradition - Never credit laddus on time.
9th CodeChef Tradition - Never reply to emails on time.

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Acknowledged. Checking.

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I see the editorials are already published- she directly asked to post them on discuss. Regarding tags, I believe it should be done now. Please confirm.

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Yes, she asked me to publish, and when finished with all, let her know so that she can add links.

Yes, tags have been added, editorial links have been added, I just got credited with 250 CodeChef Laddus as well. This is the power of @vijju123, our pseudo admin!