No Editorials for difficult questions

Why Codechef does not upload editorials for difficult questions?? I have seen this issue in many comtests on Codechef. Other websites like codeforces, hackerearth and hackerrank do upload their editorials very quickly.
For the easier questions we do get editorials or at least there might be some unofficial editorial by some user which might help the beginners. But for the difficult questions it becomes very tough to find solutions as there are very less people to solve it. And I think that those are the most important ones whose editorials must be uploaded.For instance, there is no discussion or editorial available for the last 3 problems of div-1 December long challenge.

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Yes even the users who solve those problems do not volunteer to write editorials. The non-availability of editorials is becoming a hurdle for all those who are here to learn because we’re not increasing our capacity of solving tough questions. @admin please try to upload editorials as soon as the contest is over.


I completely agree, it’s not the first time and it’s always very frustrating, because we’re here to learn from the difficult problems. Even people who solved them don’t volunteer enough to write a short summary of what they did. I guess we can always read the code but it takes much more time and obviously people don’t write elegant or easy to read code on contests :slight_smile: