Hello everyone,i’m new to code chef,and feel pretty much excited.
Amazingly i am the very few people who use python in this website for coding
(I have seen lots of people using C and C++ in program submissions list).
I gave my first practice code and amazingly,the code ran successfully and i was given 100(max) points.
Any use of these points ? xD…Though it sounds weird!!!

You will probably understand why only Python might cause you a few headaches :P. Its good to have another language in you armoury. (C++ rocks! xD)

Any use of these points ?

Yeah Motivation for another 100 points :D. 100 points (AC) is the reason some people are able to sleep properly. Interestingly enough it is also the reason why some people are not able to sleep properly. :wink:

Points in contest = better rank. In practice they mean that you should had participated in contest and enjoyed the rank :smiley:

well i am the one who spend sleepless nights during the challenges .

If you are into incentives and genuinely interested in helping people , you are always welcome in codechef discuss .

Me too…

Scratching my head in hope for some inspiration…

Specially Long Challenge :slight_smile:

better use c++ or java , since if u practice at codeforces , you wont be awarded extra time for every test case , whereas python takes more time for a given test case as compared to c++ , so prefer c++ , the global language for competitive coding with java , i use python and submitted once the same solutions in codeforces div2 but the python code gave tle whereas the c++ did not , so c++ is the way to go .