newbie programmer

i want to be a programmer(competitve programming). i have a idea to connect with people of same interest. i need a group that to be formed to maintain discussion about the topics about basic programming,data structure and algorithm.i invite all the people(belong to same catagory) to form a group online. discuss the approaches to build our skill set for programming.

There are a lot many groups out there on facebook etc. You can have discussion there itself. The point creating other group is not much convenient and useful as all people in the group may not be available all the time. What I prefer is discussion on forums. Codechef forums are very active and have hell lot of discussion from which we can learn a lot. The add-on is we are not restricted to only some people. May be in your group, no member has an answer to your doubt, but on forums you can get an answer from anyone. Almost all forums have an answer, even if it has a very silly question. Feel free to ask anything related to that!!

Happy coding… :slight_smile: