Newbie in the world of algorithms

I am new to programming world…

What should I do to be a world class
coder & which books should I follow
in field of computer science &
mathematics ?

Please help!!!

First increase your computational skills by solving various mathematical programming question contains the challenging mathematical question after this you move on to Algorithm .I will suggestyou to read Algorithms by Sartaj sahni aur corman .And practise on codechef easy problem .

I would suggest you first start practising questions on Codechef easy section. Go from bottom to top.
Try to determine what type of questions you like and where you get stuck. If you find implementation difficult then practise is the key. For maths, refer to a few books and learn new techniques as you solve questions. Dont spend too much time learning everything but learn things as and when you find them necessary. Talking about books, Cormen (CLRS) is a good but advanced book. You might want to read books by a few indian authors like Let us C or “Ansi C” by balguruswamy before you proceed. Also spend some time doing a few programming courses on , and learn stuff from geeksforgeeks and stackoverflow.

However my main advice is dont waste time just learning everything you hear or see. Just keep practising questions and learning new stuff about them as you go. eventually you could become world class!

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For books, there are a lot of books/tutorials available. Don’t start reading a book from scratch, but rather attempt problems, and search for the thing/knowledge due to which you were unable to solve that. That keeps the strive to learn.

Here is the best source for algorithms
but it is in russian language(few things are translated into english)
it will be good if some body translates it completely!! :slight_smile:

for being world class programmer you will have to climb the steps one at a time, learning things all the way.

to start with, the books provided in 10th and 12th standard for board exams are good to create a basic foundation, whether its c, c++ or java(as in my case). read it all throughout and practice the questions. they’ll make your logical and analytical reasoning better.

then side by side you can indulge in learning codes at websites like etc.
you can always look up the source codes of various small games or programs based on your learning language. this you definitely help you in getting to the depth and knowing the hidden facts of the language.

find out ways to increase your IQ that would help you be what you call ‘world class programmer’.

-Best Wishes

thanks for the help…

thanks for the help… I will try my best…

thanks for the help…

thanks for the help…

thanks for your help…