newbie in progrmming

I am a newbie here and having no experience in programming except for vb (visual basic).So please help me out that how to get started …

Welcome to codechef !!

These resources can help you in starting with codechef .

You can start practising with the easy questions in the practise section of the codechef .

There are 3 monthly contests , long contest that run for 10 days , short contest and a lunch time contests . Editorials are published after every contest so if you are not able to solve a particular question during contest , you can see the editorial .

Codechef also have a particular section for school students , lunch time contest is aimed at them . You can start solving question from the previous lunchtime contests here . you can start solving the question which is most solved . If you are unable to solve any question , you can look through the solution of other programmers .

Happy Coding !!! :slight_smile:

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