newbie help needed to start

how to start with codechef , I opened the first beginner problem , it was too tough to solve.
any suggestions are welcomed?

i too faced the same problem when i started back in feb.
for a suggestion just go to the beginner section and start with problems that have a higher accuracy rate , to begin with try solving higher accuracy ones, else read editorials and try to understand and go to my submissions and understand the solutions , else come to the forum we are always there :slight_smile:

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thank you will you help me with problem?



You must practice to make these problems appear easier…

I’d recommend you to start solving problems in beginner section from following link

Start problems from top to down, Then move on to easy and medium when you feel confident…

Also, Stuck on any question, you are most welcomed to ask…

Hope this helps…

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thnku fr awrdng points :slight_smile:

I rarely do codechef , I just look at the problems and their solutions , I ask u to start off with practice problems at code forces with the ‘A’ set and then hacker earth is also there for helping try those out .

code forces ratings matter a lot in campusing.

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yes heard this over here in my college even , that code forces ratings matters more. anyways thanks