Newbie confused about requirements


This is a little of the topic kind of a question, so sorry if I am posting it in the wrong place(and thanks in advance to people who answer it).

OK to the question now:
What is one expected to know if someone says :
Should be Strong in Web technologies such as HTTP, HTML, XML, DNS, and TCP/IP

This is a requirement for development profile I am looking at, and have an interview but I cant seem to understand what am I really expected to know.Sure I know the stuff in theory, but haven’t really played around with this and implemented any part of.Could someone please throw some light on this and maybe suggest a mini project or a small coding exercise for me which would probably take me in the right direction.(ps- I am fairly profcient with Java and Python)


hi @mightymosquito. If i understood your question correctly then for the practice and mini projects etc. you can visit Its a wonderful site that helps you learn, understand and play around with the small code snippets and also projects.

i guess knowledge and definitely practice of basic html codes, html5(drag+drop, audio etc.), working out with database in html codes and special CSS3 features, and a little deep knowledge of php will do good in HTML field. For practicing you can try making some sample webpages like those of various sites (eg. wikipedia) or even code out small games like tic-tac-toe (later you can also include AI in it).

since i only have the knowledge of html and little TCP/IP, my help will be very limited. :slight_smile:

all the best for your interview.

cheers :slight_smile:

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oh and how can i forget about nodes. do have a good practice on nodes, they can prove very beneficial at times.