New Year Resolution? :D

I am a beginner in Competitive Programming, I can solve at most one problem in Long Contest and that too if that does not involve complex mathematics. I know very basic Number Theory( topics related to primes), basics of Array and String, Basic BST, Simple Implementation of BFS and DFS. That’s pretty much it.

However, I want to improve myself such that by the end of 2017, I should be comfortable enough to solve at least 4-5 problems of Long Contest and remove the Beginner tag.

Please help me devise a schedule that you followed as a beginner and please do tell me the type of problems I should solve also the best possible sites to solve them(like Number theory from xyz and all)


Keep trying with the long contests.
To improve further you can try a few things , some of which i’ll list down -

  1. After the long contest is over try solving the question next to the one that you could solve (for eg if you could solve questions 1 and 2 during the contest so after the contest try solving the 3rd ques by looking at the editorial if need be.
  2. Keep reading new algos and ds continuously. some of the sites that you could look up are geeksforgeeks, codemonk tutorials, topcoder blogs and codechef blogs for suggestions.

The main thing is however about how many questions you are able to practise and how strongly are you able to grasp the concepts.

All the best.
Happy New Year!

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Practice solving more and more problems from CodeChef Practice arena see videos from YouTube for different Data Structures & Algorithms from channels such as MIT OCW, Tushar Roy, Mycodeschool etc.Also participate in challenges from CodeForces etc.
You can look at this too.

Codechef Editorials are very good(Exceptions are there!). Checkout the tags of the problem. They are very useful. Search for those keywords in google and you end up knowing something new. I’m beginner by myself and can solve around 2 problems in long challenge, but I’m pushing myself hard!

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