New year GIFT, a new feature in Codechef

Happy New Year to every one.

Codechef has added a new, long waited feature.

An online IDE

A great initiative. No more Ideone (or any cheating :smiley: ). We can code on codechef itself.

I don’t know if it is still in test phase, but I sure like the initiative.

It also has a Auto Complete feature and many more.

Solve a nice hint in the Announcements section on the home page.

Or you can check it here.

Not available with the problems yet, we still have to submit solutions in the usual way.

Maybe it will be added in very near future.

It is a new feature and also a complex one, so it may lack some flexibility and may have bugs,please bear with codechef.

Edit 1: Check more amazing features about this from the codechef official blog here.

Edit 2: A new feature has been added to the already awesome IDE, Save as Template . Now we can Save our template.

Yes, Codechef have now added the most asked functionality in the IDE, which allows you to save your custom template for each programming languages. The template can be deleted too. Really useful, no more typing the same thing again (especially for I/O, Macros if you know what I mean :smiley: ).


WoW.!! thats amazing!!

+1 for the good news… :slight_smile:

I think the answer is date 1|01|2015 in binary representation . we can write it like … 1011001101 which is a palindrome . am i right … ? I am not getting the option of submitting it up …

Answer is in #HappyNewYear!!!

I am not answering you the hint.

Actually the hint is


Try now.

It’s “voila”, not “viola”. Spellchecker much?


great feature but i am still not able to figure out the binary number for the dialog box (shame on me)

The hint is happy new year, means happy “2015”.

Try now. :smiley:

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Ha ha…

Yeah, did not notice that, you have SHARP eyes.


Try Now

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