new to programming

I am new to programming what all things i should do to be good at it

u should be good in underdtanding the logics and reading other codes which will help u to reach new levels in programming and also have a good knowledge of aalgorithms and programming.


You should be working hard on improving yourself, that’s what you should do - like in almost every other activity, it works same way)

Participate in contests, solve problems, read editorials and so on.

First of all, you need to learn the basics. You should then try some simple problems. You can try some of the EASY problems in the PRACTICE , make sure to sort the questions on successful submissions . But just that is not enough. You need to learn algorithms, you need to learn what functions to use in certain conditions and what not to use.

You might find the answers on this question useful.

This question will be quite helpful as well

If you run into trouble, then ask for help. But make sure that you provide all the necessary details when asking for help.

You might find the problems on codechef a bit difficult, but don’t give up. Practice a lot and learn from your mistakes.

There is no shortcut to becoming good at programming. There is only one path, and that is practicing lots of problems and solving them. Once you do that, you will be able to get an idea of what approaches you should take when trying out a new program ( although reaching that level might take some time ).

As you know, Rome was not built in a day, you need to be patient and learn the basics properly, and try out what you learn. Apply them to programs, and you might learn new possibilities.

So, in short, get a good book on c++ and start learning already.

This is just a small tutorial on c++ in case you are totally new to it. Even if you are a bit experienced, it won’t hurt to go through it and learn new things you might have missed before. Here’s some info on Competitive Programming to help you as well.

Remember not to rush through things. Learn them bit by bit, and don’t skip any part to rush over to some more advanced stuff. Take your time to understand them properly and the right ways to implement them.

Well, this is my opinion anyway. Hope that this is helpful to you.

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Here is a link of a very famous coder about how he started coding and all other things… this might be of some help

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thanks for the advice

this person seems really good…thanks