new to forum

since I am new to forum , can someone explain me the rules , how does karma works , and other stuffs?
and can some one provide me a proper link of DATA STRUCTURES from where i can learn and practice :slight_smile: new to DS there’s goes you link for ds and algo,
since you are new to forum , forum is all about people helping out each other’s problem , this is a place where we can discuss our problems , solutions , and we can understand different approaches to one problem, and thereby can brush up . you will find editorials of all contests in codechef here , if you face any problem in any questions you can post it here , people are there to help you out here.
moreover about karma , you can upvote anyone’s post or answers if you find it helpful or supportive .
Being in the top contributors list, will yield you with laddus which can be used to take codechef goodies, you can ask problems , but please do not ask it during the contests.
moreover welcome to codechef forum . :slight_smile:

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you can follow this guy , he makes concepts clear .

practice from here , notes are really good.


Thank you @raj79 can you please tell me some more YouTubers who teach algorithms?

@gkcs gives editorials for long contest and teaches required concepts. You can refer to him as well. Additionally, did you try lectures?

@vijju123 what lectures? sorry for the late reply

even @rachitiitr video lectures are good enough