New to CodeChef

I am new to codechef can u all plz help me become better and better in coding…
i tried some problems in codechef…but the type and way the solutions are submitted,its very different and un understandble…its appears to be very complex …can any1 help me out???

Hi @rahulmanskyon1,

There is only one thing to become better and better in anything: practice.

Go to the list of easy problems in the practice section

The above link is the archive of easy problems from the past contests. This one will give you the problems listed in order, with questions solved by the most number of people at the top. The ones at the top are very easy ones. You can try and have a go at them first. In case, you are not able to proceed, then try to see some of the solutions by others. This might help you get a better understanding. Now, try to do it again, on your own (do not copy-paste. it is useless, except that the problem gets added to the list of solved problems in your profile. you still haven’t solved it).

There are contests every month, conducted by codechef. The long contest, which starts at the first friday and goes on for 10 days. You can try the next one, which is in November. There are other contests as well, but I suggest you the long one because, it gives you enough time to solve a couple of problems and move on. The shorter ones only last for a couple of hours.

PS: use a language, which you know the best. If it is C/C++, please be warned. Do not use codes that compiles on a Turbo C/C++ IDE. At codechef, we use the gcc compiler. This is the standard compiler shipped with a Linux machine. There are some differences, like the conio.h header file goes away (and so does the functions like clrscr or getch from this header).

Welcome to the world of programming. Hope to see you enjoy your coding moments!

Best Wishes,