New to code (Any help will be helpful)

I’m new to codes. Can anyone give a brief explanation to what they are and what can I do to start learning codes/the basics? I really want to learn , any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

  1. Pick up a language. I would suggest C or C++ and then start practicing. You learn the syntax of a language when you attempt to write code in that, not by merely reading a text or documentation for that language.
  2. Once you know how to use the weapon, then you should be able to know how to use it wisely. So then comes the use of algorithms in an optimal manner. Read any book that explains Algorithms, I’d suggest Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS.
  3. If you’re at the very beginning, then do the basic problems that clarifies your concepts of input/output and basic flow of control programs(if, else, for, while etc). Once you master that, switch to functions and their uses. Then switch to pointers and arrays, and strings.
  4. Once you are confident that after reading a problem, there is an idea in your mind and you can tell the computer that hello dude this is my idea, lets do it. That is called control over a language. Once you’re able to pass your idea to the computer then it becomes easy to play with things and it helps in learning things later on. You can go to Step 2 again and again to go deeper into algorithms and utility.


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