New Rating System

Can someone please explain me the new stars and colours system on Codechef?
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You can have a look at this. Let us know if you have any further queries :slight_smile:



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The best thing that I am seeing is that they have introduced the combined rating that takes into account long as-well as short contests.

So, overall skill can be reflected in single rating.


The new features are really amazing. Just take a look at the profile page! They look sooo good as compared to what they were earlier! The graphs and statistics even show the percentage of your errors vs wrong answers vs AC. It’s all nicely done and well planned. Really a great encouragement for everyone in addition to the goodies.

Good job Codechef!

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One suggestion to @admin. It would be more better if you add filter in our submitted solution such that we can see top solutions according to the submission time, judging time, solution size, Execution time .

Have a look on codeforces interface like this.

alt text

Please explain this rating system to me. I see many users who has less rating than me in long,short and lunchtime but their overall rating is better than me . for example - you can check “”, “” and many more .

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There is no direct connection between the 3 contest ratings and the combined CodeChef Rating.
The algorithm which has been outlined here, is used independently, and separately on the various data points for each of the four (or 8, if you are in school) ratings. Each user has an independent Rating and Volatility for each of these ratings.
So, it is hard to figure out exactly why the situation you’ve mentioned happens.

One hypothetical situation where this could happen: Suppose before a contest, your combined CodeChef rating, as well as Cook-Off rating were higher than user B’s. You do worse than expected in the next Cook-Off, and B doesn’t take part in it at all. And suppose your combined CodeChef volatility is pretty high, and your Cook-Off volatility is low. So, your CodeChef rating will reduce a lot, but your Cook-Off will not reduce as much. So, at the end, your CodeChef rating could end up lower than B’s, even though your Cook-Off rating is higher than B’s.

Hi, am not sure if these are same things, but isn’t this already present?

Problem page -> All Submission

CodeChef has a header like this:

header image

So kind of default order==submission time, execution time and solution size is already present? You can sort by clicking respective column name. Is this what you were searching for?