New interface problem

alt text

is this problem is only visible to me (one column of top contribution is enpty)?
and long challenge top performer are missing

There is still some bugs that still remains to be rectified. It will soon be better as what codechef replied to my mail So please be patience. It will definitely modified soon.

Hey Akshay29, It is not a bug. We have updated the banner. You can check it now.

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Hi @akshay29 , even I have the same problem… It aint updated now @admin… I still see the same thing even now… Also, my profile page also looks somewhat odd than the expected behaviour. Please check this link

Home Page

Home page isn’t updated yet.
Account page Account page alignments can be better!

@neilit1992 I had this problem too. Try clearing your browser cache, worked for me.


yes i have the same problem when using Safari.
but when using Chrome, the pages are loading properly!

@meooow you know too much, everything you say works! Haha,
Clearing data did work and the new codechef look is awwwwwwwesome!

@neilit1992 Are you still facing this issue ?

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No @admin , clearing browser cache fixes it!

We have fixed it and no more clearing of cache is needed. If it still happens do let us know. We’ll look into it.

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