New Here @ Codechef

Guys can you help me up about how and what is codechef ?

Also, what should be my preferred language :

  1. Java
  2. C++
  3. HTML 5( I donno if Codechef supports it)


Hai, firstly welcome to Codechef!
here are some of the links which may help you to start with codechef:

Now coming to language, codechef supports both C++ and Java. So it’s up to you (depending on your skills present in that language) to use C++ / java.

Hi shreyanshrana

Welcome to codechef.

Codechef sdoesn’t support Html. As Html not a programming language.

Between Java and c++ select the one in which you are most comfortable because you will need to select the best algorithm for each questions. So, selecting the one which you like most will help you to not waste your energy and time in remembering the syntax.

My advice-
If you are new to competitive programming then firstly start with practice problems and when you feel that you are comfortable with the questions then join the competitions.

Happy Coding :slight_smile: