New Feature of CodeChef.

Now one can buy Shoes online from yepme and can accept the call from Mawa Lala and code for the Chef, simultaneously. I am highly grateful to the Chef for this facility.


EDIT: Yes it was my fault. There was an extension installed in my browser. I regret the inconvenience.

WOW!!! that is really a great feature and that too with 40% discount. Can’t ask for better.

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Its not a feature of codechef… Neither they would do so (non-profitable site)… Check your system there must be some software install on your system and because of this adds are coming.


Ever heard of adwares bro. your computer is infected with them.

The ad pops were totally unexpected even for me… I hope you all are correct…!!

The Ads pops only in CodeChef website…!!! Hope my system is infected and not the Chef.!!