new feature in codechef user page

Will it not be helpful to new users if codechef starts showing option on each users page about which other users are online,so that we can directly ask question from them(of course some restriction will be needed to be provided).So,this opinion and restriction related to this needs to be discussed.

I am only requesting for this because sometimes it happens that when we ask question in the forum,time

taken to get reply gets too much exceeded so if we have such an option we will get answers to question very quickly…


I don’t think that this might be useful…forum is enough for entertaining users’ queries.I am not against your proposal but it may happen that new users start discussing logic instead of believing on their own approach.It is enough for the new users to be provided with open codes.This will not only help them to see the coding style of best coders but also help them to develop testing quality.

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