Negative Time Limit in problem LISA

Problem code: LISA

Time Limit: -2 seconds

@admin, Please correct the time limit of the problem.

I solved the problem and submitted the solution. Shows time limit exceeded (applied DP). When I checked the recent submissions, I found that out of 500 submissions more than 200 solutions with TLE and none had AC!

Yes @pratik_gadhiya, The time limit should be “2” but it’s printed “-2”. I tried that question a couple of months ago, I also have the same confusion. I think the only cause this question has zero AC submissions is the wrong time limit.

Someone also asked the same question. I don’t find any satisfying answer there.

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To be bluntly honest, if no action was taken for thread then, the chances of an action being taken now for this thread is even less. Whether one likes to hear it or not, Emailing them about the issue is a far better option.