Needed more detailed editorial for bear and bribing tree problem?

can anyone write more detailed editorial for Bear and bribing tree problem from the February lunch time. I had looked at it’s editorial and I found it very difficult to understand.
Can anyone explain it with the proper DP approach including overlapping sub problems and brute force solution, how that problem fits in that problem, everything in very detailed way so that it could be even understood by beginners. The problem with the official editorial is that it directly talks about the dp solution and I am still not able to realize how it is a DP problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

I will suggest that you vent out this grievance at the Feb 17 Lunchtime thread which they created, and give this feedback there. I am sure the author and problem setter will look to it. I think you should try once there, because I feel their explanation would satisfy you :slight_smile:

PS: Thanks for following my suggestion. I would have loved to explain things in every detail, but I am still learning dp, and got my mid-sem atm. I do hope that you get the explanation you want though!!

need help to debug my code for QHOUSE february lunctime…

solution for subtask submitted successfully here is the link

but this submission for 100 is not going in that way…

I need help to debug this code…

Any help will be greatly appreciated…

sorry @arpit728 I know it’s not a way but still as I don’t have enough reputation to ask questions directly on the forum…

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u can create ur own thread now :slight_smile:

thanks bro

Perhaps you will find this useful.

Btw, when are the editorials coming out? December Long challenge editorials are still not released.

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I agree with @aniketsanadhya. Editorials are late, no doubt on that.

Its better to talk on something what we CAN do.

What I feel is, that instead of waiting for editorials, why not contribute to the community by posting editorials on problems we solved?

I mean, if we can get people who have solved different problems, such that all problems are covered, then it would be an immense contribution to the discuss forums if they can team up and post editorials.

[I personally don’t have any problem in posting editorials myself but… lol, I am still a rookie and so I don’t think I would be able to contribute significantly by posting editorials of easy problems which I can solve…]

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Hope they come out soon. It had quite good questions :slight_smile:

Bro, here’s a thought. Why don’t you make a blog on blogger or wordpress or whatever, write your editorials and publish it here.
I am serious, because I have seen you reply to some answers here and your explanation is always on point.
Please do the needful.

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I am thinking on the same lines dear, but I am thinking that if I could learn dp and graph theory first, then I could include those medium-tough Q which generally trouble the beginners, and I feel it would be of immense help to them. So I am taking some time. (till then I can always try things here :stuck_out_tongue: )