Need some sources to build fundamentals

Kindly tell me some good sources to learn some programming theory which can be applicable for programming competitions.

Refer this for notes and sample problems links :

Refer this for visual explanations:

hope dis helps u : !!

for DS u can refer this playlist on youtube …dis is an awesome tutorial…!! Even i have learned from dis playlist !!

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  1. Start by reading any book (This is crucial for building fundamentals)
  2. Then go for reading online videos, articles, or lectures, because the size of these online resources is HUGE and you cannot target to go through every article, and it should not be. These articles or videos are kind of very specific to problems or tricks and they assume you know the basics and you just need some tricks to enhance your skill set.

For building fundamentals, the good old approach of reading books is the one I would like to suggest.

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Probably CLRS can be a good book for learning how algos work

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See I have just started competitive programming and I found these resources very helpful to build my fundamentals

MIT OCW : Yes it awesome especially lecture on dynamic programming

HackerEarth: They have a structured syallabus for learning as well as practicing algorithms as well as data structures

Hope it helps…