Need some graph theory problems

What are some good problems to do for Graph Theory for preparation of INOI ?

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Yeah someone please answer.

Doing all the previous graph theory problems in INOI, and the ones on the IARCS website should at least guarantee a strong understanding. Then you can explore COCI/BOI/IOI problems.

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I want to try implementing Dijakstra’s algorithm using adjacency matrix (other than FREETICKET) but many problems require implementation using priority queue. Any suggestions of such problems?

Why not just use FREETICKET?

I already used FREETICKET to understand how the algorithm worked and want more problems to apply what I have understood. Just for practice.

Also, do you by any chance have a simple implementation of Dijakstra’s algorithm using priority queue/min-heap without the structs, classes stuff? It’s ok if it’s long. If you do and if it’s ok for you could you please post it?