Need some advice from C++ users

Until now i used C for coding , but now i am studying C++ so that i can use it for coding purpose bcoz of its STL library advantage. While i am studying i am going through its object-oriented part and it will take some time before i complete object oriented part and then jump to STL library part. Can i simply skip object oriented part now , so that i can jump to STL part and start using it for graph and other questions. Will it be correct to do like this…?? (I am already familiar with basic Object Oriented features of Java)

C++ users , plz suggest me on this.
Thank you.

Yes , you can directly start studying and using STL , there is no need to study object oriented features like Class and inheritance etc.

Just learn the STL data structures along with its complexities of each of its operations.


Code Monk - STL

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thanks@geek_geek… :slight_smile:

C++ code runs faster than Java (at least 2x faster), there are some online judges like SPOJ or COJ where some problems are unsolvable in Java due to time limits, other problems are easily solvable in C++ with the correct algorithm while in Java you have to do a lot of optimization tricks to get accepted, another example is when a problem requires algorithms hiding a big constant in complexity, they usually perform really slow in Java, I know many people who switched to C++ by these facts. C++ has also got a huge repository of inbuilt functions which are useful in many situations.

Codechef is one of the best online websites for the students for solving problems related to college and university academic problems. As your question, the C++ programming language is faster as compared to other console based languages. Object Oriented is the power of Programmers. You can’t ignore the importance of OOP for going to further new steps. If you are facing the coding assignment writing then you can visit the following website Writers.Com.Pk - C++ Assignment Helper where professional Assignment writers are always ready to help you.

I also agreed that Object oriented programming concepts are necessary for a professional programmer. Because it makes programmer life easier as compare to traditional C++ language. Many students studying in computer science or computer engineering are taking the affordable price.

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I am professional web developer as well as technical writer at Perfect Essay Done Company. I would like to say that if you are already understand the concept of C++ & basic OOP so you can move forward to C++ STL (Standard Template Library). It is a powerful set of C++ template classes to provide general-purpose templatized classes and functions. The Standard Template Library (STL) giving a rich set of methods manipulating data structures, etc. The most important thing to do when learning C++ STL is to focus on concepts and not get lost in language technical details.

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oop program is the soul of programming language and when you skip the oop then you are wasting your time on learning c++ many of my student in essay writer online are learning a programming language.

you are missing some test cases perhaps , remember the test cases provided in question are only a sample …

It’s not a marketing website. Please refrain from posting, unnecessary comments, moreover its not that important to learn OOP for competitive coding, structures can do everything that a class does.

c++ is object oriented language it working very fast.but this language very difficult.C++ includes so many operators
Example : comparison, arithmetic, bit manipulation, logical operators etc whatever possible to code C++ in a C style

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