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Hello EveryOne I am A newly born C/C++ Programmer I am Requesting u all to suggest me Best book and online-resoures to be a best C/C++ Programmer … as i know this for practice my CodeChef platform is best but i also want grasp the concepts hence my request…


There are actually many books for C and C++ but i would suggest you ‘’
or ‘[Balaguruswamy] Object Oriented Programming with C’.

Hope this may help you.

Happy Coding.

As @wrangler00 has already suggested some books i suggest some online resources using which i learnt C/C++ and continue to refer for functions and algorithms

C++ reference

C++ tutorial

the above site also has a good C tutorial

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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I would not suggest Balaguruswamy as it doesn’t follow good coding practices and some of the examples are incorrect.

+1 to and Very helpful.

This question (with 4.5k upvotes) at StackOverflow will address your query. Answerers have suggested books according to your ability (introductory, intermediate, advanced, etc.). Choose the book according to your needs, and do not do too many things at once.