Need help!!!

Please help me I am unable to ask question on forum , i m unable to post.Please help :slight_smile:

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To ask a question in forum you need karma points which initially you don"t have.Karma points can be granted to anyone if someone likes your comment.I m liking your comment to give you karma points.

The rules has changed. 1 karma users can ask Q. But you cannot ask more than a certain number of questions per hour. I.e., for users less than 20 karma there is a limit that Q you can ask are less than X questions per hour.

(This X is 1 or 2, i fail to recall)

1 karma user can ask a question but only 1 in an hour

Can we increase karma points by solving questions

No. You need to contribute to the forum for that.

Can u like my post so that I have 20 karma points and can ask questions in the forum.It will be very helpful.

I think 1 hr elasped since you asked this. Why not try asking now? And no, asking for free upvotes isnt allowed. Community members can report you for asking for free upvotes, so be careful.

Okay I’ll take care of that.By the way thanks for help.:slight_smile: