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Hi all,
I am a newbie to code chef. I am here to became on of the Best coders. But I have no graduate degree in hand because I am a college Drop-out(B.TECH) because of financial problem. But I am passionate about programming. I have little bit knowledge of JAVA but not a big coder and also I don’t know where to start from to solve big problem in code chef even the easy problem seems to me very hard. I am not getting job because I don’t have graduate degree. Please help me to learn programming and make a good earning for me.
Please ignore if I made any grammatical mistake. and last but not the least I know that I have it in me But I need only the learning path.

Thank you

You can start with getting started page. Learn some algorithms through online platforms and tutorials. Start with practice section first solve easy problems with high submissions and then move upward. Also, participate in contest programming.

PS: You don’t need any degree to be a good programmer. Even many graduates with B-Tech degree don’t have good programming skills and they are working in consulting and testing departments. So, give your best and hopefully you will be better than many graduates.

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Hi @vedx,

This is about how to start

This contains the list of algos one must learn to improve:

One doesnt need to be a graduate to be a good programmer, interest is all that matters. Wish you good luck:)

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Please read this carefully.


You may read the article about college dropouts and how the college dropout have made a mark in IT.

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Thank you so much for these link it seems to be very helpful.

Thanks for the link of articles it is really inspiring for me. thanks a lot.