Need help to figure out how to submit answers.

Could it possibly be any more unclear how one is supposed to use this site?

Your question is quite unclear, what problem are you facing?

I think you have problem with solution submission, so I’ll try to describe in detail what to do. Best place where to start is practice section. Read the statement of TEST problem, which is meant, just for first try.

When you write your solution (on your PC or wherever where you do), you have to submit it (submit button in upper right corner), your code will be tested automatically and result of testing will be shown to you. It works similarly as other programming contest pages :wink:

If you have more question let me know :wink:

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@Betlista Ok i tried the way you told. when i submit the code it throws ‘Wrong Answer’ everytime. But when i tried the code in it runs without any error. So what do I do?