Need help on how to start solving difficult questions

hello guys,i need some help on how to get more comfortable in solving good problems
though i am not so new to coding but still i am unable to solve difficult problems.
In each contest i manage to solve at most 2-3 problems and i am really not happy with it.
Please suggest some ways on how one should start practice to gain more confidence in problem solving.

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@fiery : The key to becoming stronger is learning and practice . Code Chef is a wonderful platform that supports both learning and practice . You should use old contest problems as practice problems . Old contest problems have their editorials which are in place . So after reading the problem you can read the editorial , and if it is a hard problem then even after reading the editorial it won’t be easy to code especially when it involves a data structure that you haven’t previously used .

You can find editorials of previous contest problems here :

Meanwhile if you haven’t read the book by Cormen et. al. on Algorithms buy it as soon as possible .


Thanks sir.I will do this.