Need Help how to imporve programming skills

Hi I am new to codechef i found it is very difficult solve even the puzzels that are placed in the easy section please help how to improve my coding abilites …

You can look at editorials of specific problems to see where you went wrong. Moreover, I’d suggest you visit and solve problems there as they provide you with what test cases your code doesn’t run on. So it’s easier to see where your code went wrong.

If you’re having trouble coding the problem then i’d suggest you pick up some beginners book and solve exercises from the book.

Every coder starts at the bottom, “Dude Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at it”

Practice as much as you can. Happy coding.


@vamsin20 i think you are solving the problems in the top in easy section.Actually, start from the down end,that where the problems with many successful submissions lie. Just click on the submissions link which sorts the prob list according to decreasing order of submisssions…Now the easy ones will be at the top which you can start solving…If you have already done this and still feel they are tough then dude,it is just the beginning …Practice hard ,Code everyday and you will be fine.CHEERS HAPPY CODING :slight_smile:

If you cannot solve the problems of easy section, don’t worry. Pick up a beginners’ book (as tacoder suggested) on any programming language of your choice. There are also a lot of websites to provide you with tutorials on programming languages. Focus on the basics of the language, for example what are the data types used, how to take input and generate output, how to store data, what are the operations that can be performed on those data etc. Then try to solve simple programs like addition of two numbers, calculating average of some numbers etc. Then you will gradually develop confidence and can try to understand more complex aspects of programming. Above all, you need to practise a lot.

I saw you did not (or could not) solve any problem on Codechef, but believe me friend, that day is not far when your profile page will be full of information about a large number of solved problems. You just need to work hard.

For improving your coding abilities, you need to practice questions.
Firstly, choose a language in which you will solve most of your questions.
Go in practice(Easy). Initially, sort the problems on basis of their accuracy(higher to lower), these are quite easy to solve. Solve a dozen of questions, get yourself familiar. If you get problems, check out for solution in comments section. Bang your head. Even if this doesn’t help, look at an easy solution. Read the code, visually, close the tab, write yourself. Eventually, you will learn how to convert your algorithm into a working code.
After this, start solving those questions with maximum submissions. Now, in this phase, you will start to learn how to design algorithms.
Participate in all three contest. Try to solve at least a practice question each day.
This may take months or years. Don’t loose hope. Get in touch with others who share the same passion.

For more reference, this doc may help: Doc

Best of luck.